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A Air Curtain

  Air Curtains


Air curtain is a device which creates an invisible barrier between a room and its surroundings thus preventing the cool air inside the room to escape outside.

DMV manufactures highest quality air curtains and supplies air curtains in India. We have installed air curtains in various locations all over India and have a huge list of satisfied customers for air curtains.

Model Dimension Installation
Power Air Speed
Air Flow

      High Low High Low High Low High Low
3ft 900*230*212mm 3.5-4.5m 405 380 20 16 2200 1760 56 51
3.5ft 1000*230*212mm 430 395 2200 1760 57 52
4ft 1200*230*212mm 510 480 3000 2400 58 53
5ft 1500*230*212mm 660 615 3700 2960 61 56
    Sizes Available: 3ft., 3.5ft., 4ft., 5ft., 6ft.,
size: 10.5" B X 13" H
Air Velocity: 15 - 17 Mtrs/Sec.
Also available: 17 - 30 Mtrs/Sec. (High Velocity)
Also Available in Stainless Steel Body

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