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  Cyclone collector


Cyclone collectors, named after the weather phenomenon, are large funnel shaped sheet metal tubes connected to ducts often used in woodshops, machine shops, manufacturing plants, and powder processing plants.  Dust and debris are sucked in at the top.  Air containing fine dust blows out of the other side of the top, while chips and large dust particles fall out of the bottom into a drum or bin.  Dusty exhaust air is either blown outside. The efficiency of cyclone is 90%.
Multi Cyclone


The multi cyclone is a series of small cyclones and each small cyclone functions similar to a regular cyclone.  The dust laden air enters into the multiclone through the intake collector linking the tangential air intakes of the cyclones.  The centrifugal action of each cyclone causes the dust particles to fall into a common hopper where they are exited through an air lock to the residual collecting conveyor system.  The clean air is evacuated into the atmosphere. The efficiency of cyclone is 98%.



Cyclone With Manual shaking bag filter unit
We offer a cyclone with manual shaking Bag Filters, which is designed considering the nature of dust and loading of a particular application. This system is 100% pollution free.  The various kinds of dust used in this system. The filtration media is carefully chosen for the particular application.

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