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We offer a diverse range Fume Extraction Systems which are generally applicable to all types of production units. As the name suggests, this system is used to extract fume from various industrial processes . Our competent engineers analyse the exact requirements at the preorder stage by trying to get exact inputs from our clients, which results in the design of effective fume extraction systems that deliver optimum outputs at the site. We offer technically advanced fume extraction systems that are extensively used to protect men working in the manufacturing plants from hazardous gases and fumes. These systems are tailor-made strictly in accordance with the data provided by clients and the space available at their site. We always take utmost care in carrying out the fabrication and installation of only highly efficient extraction systems that can deliver optimum and consistent work output for longer periods, with least maintenance.


  • Increased productivity and safety .

  • Environment friendly .

  • Turn-key execution of system for extraction of corrosive fumes and gases .

  • Ensures hygienic working atmosphere .

  • Highly efficient.

The industries in which these systems form an integral part are as follows:

Hot-dip Galvanizing Plants , Pipe pickling Plants , Stainless Steel Pickling Plants , Wire Pickling Lines , Electroplating/Anodizing Plants , Metal Finishing Industries , Chemical Factories, Paper & Pulp Plants, Foundries , Welding / Soldering operations, Process Industries like Cement ,Rubber and Plastic moulding Industries, etc.

Fume Extraction Systems use scrubbing devices like Packed/Floating Bed Scrubbers in Vertical / Horizontal version, Vertical Sieve Tray Scrubbers ,Venturi Scrubbers and Wet collectors as per the application demand.

Suitable for high temperature (up to 450 deg.C), dust and all types of fumes (corrosive), our gamut of fume extraction systems can be custom made as per the layout of the plant. These systems provide dust free, fumes free and clean atmosphere in the application area and are very simple to use.


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