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We offer industrial sound proofing to reduce noise of air compressors placed at construction sites and generators used in industries. For this functions. One of the method is of cladding the room where the DG or the compressor is installed other type is to make a canopy for out door or mobile applications. Further, our range includes the following: Room Cladding We provide a 3” thick cladding of rock wool and further fastened with the help of mild steel perforated sheets with a lining of glass fiber tissue for the DG or the compressor, which is placed inside a room. In addition to this, we also provide sound attenuators for the exhaustion of the radiator air. Furthermore, to cool the room, we incorporate our product with axial flow fan with sound proof cowls. This helps to prevent ant kind of sound leakage from the fan and enables to sound proof the room. Canopy The other range is canopy, which is suitable for DG or compressor that is placed out doors or mounted on a trolley. For this, we offer a mild steel frame work with interchangeable panels filled with woven glass pads of 2” thick or more on the mild steel perforated sheets. Furthermore, we also provide fiber tissue protection for the proper holding of the material in the panels. Apart from this, we also provide the axial flow fan in the room to exhaust the excess heat generated by the engines or compressors from the canopy as the containment is smaller than the room.



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